The Universe

Josh Journey tells the story of four brave heroes in a magical universe, fighting against evil creatures from three distinct worlds: The Human World, The Dream World and the Death World.

These Worlds was created by the Great Mother God, to bring peace and harmony to the Nature. It is represented by the Amuleto, a symbol of fusion and prosperity between the Worlds.

But, the Evil Darkness arrived and started a big battle against the Mother God, beginning an epic combat between these two entities of Nature. The Darkness broke the Amuleto, and the peace and harmony of the worlds was gone.

To restore the Amuleto, the Great Mother God choose a little entity, the Guardian Spirit, who is able to navigate between these worlds and has the objective of choose four heroes to recover the symbol and bring back the good times for the Nature.

Josh Journey is being produced by Provincia Studio, a Brazilian team of two illustrator and animator brothers, Iuri Araujo and Guilherme Araujo.

The Beat’em Up Game – Darkness Totens

Josh Journey: Darkness Totens is gonna be a hand-drawn animation game that, chronologically, happens after the meeting of the four warriors in the saga. The Darkness Shadow wanna to have influence in the Provinces, so it builds Totens that spread the evil in the heroes world. So, your main objective is to destroy these totens during your journey in this game. You’ll have the option to choose between the 4 warriors. Each one of them have different and additional skills. In the Multiplayer mode, you’ll be able to make Special Combos using the forces of two, three or four combined characters, to cause more damage in the enemies.

We wanna bring elements of classic games like Golden Axe and Castle Crashers.