What is Josh Journey?

Inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda and Chrono Trigger, Josh Journey is a project that have two products:
– An Animated Web Series
– A 2D Beat’em Up Game

The Animated Web Series

The Animated Web Series tells the story of four brave heroes in a magical universe, fighting against evil creatures from three distinct worlds: The Human World, The Dream World and the Death World.

These Worlds was created by the Great Mother God, to bring peace and harmony to the Nature. It is represented by the Amuleto, a symbol of fusion and prosperity between the Worlds.

But, the Evil Darkness arrived and started a big battle against the Mother God, beginning an epic combat between these two entities of Nature. The Darkness broke the Amuleto, and the peace and harmony of the worlds was gone.

To restore the Amuleto, the Great Mother God choose a little entity, the Guardian Spirit, who is able to navigate between these worlds and has the objective of choose four heroes to recover the symbol and bring back the good times for the Nature.

Josh Journey is being produced by Provincia Studio, a Brazilian team of two illustrator and animator brothers, Iuri Araujo and Guilherme Araujo. If we reach the Milestone Goal of U$ 5.000 per Month, we’ll immediately produce new animated episodes to distribute it online, via our Youtube channel.

Meanwhile, we’ll be offering the SOURCE FILES of this first trailer on PATREON, to teach animation and background painting techniques to ANIMATORS and ARTISTS! You’ll receive SHOTS AND BACKGROUND ART of the project each month, and until the end of the year, you’ll have ALL the source files to revise and continue studying.

The Beat’em Up Game

The Josh Journey game tells the prologue of this story. You will start the game as Josh, the swordsman guy that lives in the Wind Province. During the gameplay, you’ll meet the other three heroes, and will have to solve quests using each special skills of each character. You’ll be able to make Special Combos using the forces of two combined characters, to cause more damage in the enemies.

We wanna bring elements of classic games like Golden Axe and Castle Crashers.

The game is in the beginning process, and Provincia team is producing arts from characters, as GIFs, and the first concepts, background arts as well, that will be available for the backers of the Gamer Package!





Why we need your help?

Produce an Animated Web Series + a 2D Beat’em Up Game is not simple. It is a hard working and expensive process that will need many professionals involved during the production. We need your help to bring new warriors to our village! Animators, character designers, musicians, programmers are some of our necessities to Josh Journey be alive.

We set up a Milestone Goal to be able to call these professionals. As an Illustration/Animation studio, we establish that with U$ 3.000 per Month we can bring programmers to the team and start the code functions of the Game. So, if you are a Gamer and wanna play Josh Journey Game, don’t hesitate in call your friends to join the party in the tavern! If all goes well, we think that in one year and a half we can produce this Game.

As artists, we always dreamed of bring this project to life, producing an animation and a game from the best memories of our childhood.

So, any support you can provide to this project will be invaluable for us, and we thank you in advance for helping us produce Josh Journey.

Have fun!

Iuri Araujo and Guilherme Araujo