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Josh, the Wind Province swordsman, has a great ability with white weapons and is the only warrior that have access to a new and dangerous place called the Dream World.

Melina, is a powerful sorcerer that uses magic to shot darkness monsters in the journey. She is an aquatic girl and can talk with another aquatic creatures.

Farquol, the anteater,  is an strong anthropomorphic character that uses heavy weapons, like axes and hammers, causing earthquakes that eliminate his enemies.

Z.O.Z., is an old style robot that uses as a weapon its fire cannons to burn the enemies. He needs special capsules to maintain its functions activated.




Iuri Araújo

Iuri Araújo has Master Degree in Visual Arts – Visual Culture in UFG (2014). Illustrator and animator, he has experience in Game Art, participating in the RPG project Pier Solar and the Great Architects. As animator, he participated for 3 times in Animamundi – International Animation Festival of Brazil, with short films like “Why girlfriends” and “Masks’s Battle”; and specialized in Character Animation by GOBELINS, l´école de l’image (Paris, France). He contributes with animations for TED-Ed (New York) and The School of Life (London).

 Guilherme Araújo

Guilherme Araújo (aka Guima) has graduated in Visual Arts – Graphic Design in UFG (2007). Illustrator and animator, has participated of the International Summer School Program in Character Animation in GOBELINS, l’école de l’image, Paris/France (2012). He worked on own projects like “Marionettes” (2006), “Chaos and Water” (2011) and “Aniz, the little witch apprentice” (2015). He has already participed of several festivals like Animamundi. He contributes with animations for TED-Ed (New York) and The School of Life (London).

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